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Yoga Teacher, Kaylene Munro

I've loved every minute of this journey

Kaylene was first introduced to yoga as a young child, growing up while performing different forms of dance.  One of her teachers was European and as her Ballet teacher introduced both Pilates and Yoga to compliment this style of dance.  Each week a class would be held exploring components of Pilates and Yoga, the favourite pose being Balasana -Childs pose – to rest and give the spine a good stretch.  As a teenager Kaylene continued to explore her interest in yoga in her own time with the assistance of books and learning about Sun salutations.  A few years later in her early twenties living in the United Kingdom, represented both Australia and Scotland annually in the World Championship’s for Irish Dancing.  While there Kaylene connected again with Hatha Yoga as a means to support her body in this physically demanding training for excellence.  The yoga was important providing balance in her training for dance and connecting with her body.  Moving back to Australia in her late twenties yoga moved to the forefront of her focus which saw her exploring Kundalini Yoga and the healing modalities of Sat Nam Rasayan, and spent time with Guru Dev Singh on his first trip to Australia, being blessed to be one of the few he chose to heal in the crowd during his time in Australia.  In 2016, Kaylene chose to further her interest by taking her commitment to the next level becoming a Certified Teacher and now enjoys sharing her experiences with her students.